My name is Rachelle Armstrong and I am the Business Manager for Soil Restoration Farming.

So what is Soil Restoration Farming?

It is not a product;
It is not a method of farming;
and it is certainly not a belief system.

It represents a movement, a concept, a shared understanding that we CAN and MUST restore our soils to their original functional purpose through farming.

This is not a NEW idea and it comes with sound science.

It is backed by ALL levels of society – from World Leaders, Universities, Companies, Consumers and most definitely Farmers of ALL time.

The problem is that somehow we have lost our way, particularly in the last century, and began destroying our soils like there’s no tomorrow!

Soil Restoration Farming represents the DIRECTION we need to head in, and the REALITY that we need to work together. When I think of working together with a shared purpose, I think it is a bit like raising a child, but in this case, restoring our soils. We need to think like a village. We ALL have different expertises / specialities / strengths, that we can offer, but there is NO “one-stop-shop”.

YOU need to recognise the resources around you, be they products (like biostimulants or transitional products useful in nurturing soils back to good health), people and companies ready to offer consultancy and guidance, community-based groups (such as farmer-driven growers groups), and government bodies who are seeking to support farmers to achieve more sustainable farming success. Find ways of utilising them to achieve your purpose.

Soil Restoration Farming has awarded 11 Soil Restoration Leaders who have done just that!

When you speak to them, you will find that they have a story to tell that involves working with others, finding the best way forward to get them going in the right direction.

They have carved a way, but each individual must carve their own unique pathway. Because there is no one-right-way, but there is a right and wrong direction.

And for that we need guidance and certainly motivation and days like this to give you inspiration!

Our Event Sponsors

The sponsors who willingly support Soil Restoration Farming (SRF) agree that they are ‘like-minded’ in the pursuit of working together to particularly support the education and research being delivered. They are ready to talk to individuals who are pursuing a SRF direction.

SRF would like to thank them for their foresight and officially welcome them as partners. It’s more than a financial contribution but a life-time connection and a statement of purpose about what they stand for… and therefore this is your starting point. If you are inspired by any of the information shared and discussed today, these are your go-to people.