Are YOU a Coach/Consultant in the Regenerative Agriculture space who wants to make a bigger difference?

Join Our Regenerative ‘Coach the Coach’ Program and Community

There are many people who are or want to coach and consult in the regenerative agriculture space.  Most have been operating in this space for years and have varying levels of expertise.  They all share one thing in common.  They want to make a difference.

In coaching and consulting, you can follow old ways of doing things like selling time, labour and knowledge.  Known as dollars for hours.  The problem is that you are a worker bee, when you need to be a strategist who creates a journey for farmers to transition from where they are to farming more regeneratively.

With the greatest respect to most coaches and consultants out there – very few know how to sell value, or truly know how to coach or consult.

It’s a bold statement.

What if you could learn how to really coach and consult?  What if you could learn how to sell value Vs hours for dollars?  What if you could double or triple your income, do less, and create 10 times your influence, and your clients love you?

Imagine learning how to help farmers to buy what they really need and develop a program for them.  What if you could learn to sell your services to them as a strategic partner to help them think things through and to implement the program together.

Well, you can.

This is a first for our industry.

That’s why we have put together a ‘Coach the Coach’ (& Consultant) program and community.  The program is based on decades of practical knowledge and application.

And…we have built a community for coaches and consultants in the regenerative space, to come together, to have a forum to share, to learn from each other and leading educators to have a greater influence with the farmers they work with.

Here’s the thing:

We find that most coaches and consultants in the regenerative space say they are lonely. They want to be part of something bigger. A community, to collaborate, to talk to, to get support from.

The coaches and consultants we talk to often struggle with confidence or valuing themselves. They often know way more than they give themselves credit for and they need help with stuff outside the science or practical hands-on on the land know-how. Other times they need help.

Like knowing exactly how to help a farmer to identify what they really need.  They haven’t quite worked out a program or approach to work with farmers.  They don’t know how to charge or charge more.

In being regenerative, it makes sense to be a collective intelligence, working together to build the movement and help each other to be successful in our businesses and influence.

The coaches and consultants we know want to be confident in themselves, their knowledge, how they consult and in what they charge. They want to help their farmer clients to get good results.

On the other hand, most farmers we talk to, don’t know who to turn to and many don’t know where to start. They want a customised program for their farm. They don’t know where to get it.

So, there is clearly a need. A need to come together, to help each other.

That’s why we have put our online coaching community and forum together.

In a nutshell:

  • A Coach the Coach program, teaching you how to sell value consultatively ( rather than dollars for hours), how to sell your services for more profit and greater impact, how to coach and consult as a strategic partner with you clients. This is an on-going program to mastery.
  • Each week we have a group coaching call. It could be around goal setting, coaching, or consulting or sharing technical challenges and solutions.
  • There will be Spotlight opportunities where you can present a challenge and receive different perspectives and feedback from the community.
  • Every 4th week we will have a guest world-leading educator to discuss what the community needs assistance with.
  • There is an online forum for members of the community to talk to each other, post interesting content, store community recordings, to ask and answer each other’s questions (and no, it’s not Facebook😊).
  • Each Month a 1:1 coaching session.
  • Justin and Rachelle are there to support you as well.  

If you are interested to find out more and have a conversation, let’s chat and see if it is right for you.

Click the button below to book a call with Rachelle. Pick a time that works for you, then there are a few questions to answer that will set up our Zoom call. Interested? Book a call now.