Healing the planet through Agriculture
Healing the planet through Agriculture
Healing the planet through Agriculture
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Ray Generate 2024

Regenerating your land and mindscape

with Ray Archuleta

Darren Doherty

Garry Page

Jake Chandler

+ SRF Members

What We Do

The SRF Coaching Community

We facilitate an online community of support for coaches and consultants helping farmers to farm more regeneratively.

  • Working independently has its upsides, for instance being able to work autonomously and outside systemic barriers, however, also has inherent challenges due to being on your own.
  • We all need a community or tribe to which we feel connected.
  • Being able to collaborate and talk with peers, to get support, and to create a stronger voice are some of the many benefits identified by current members.
  • Members have a range of expertise and experience. Some have been working with farmers on regenerative agriculture programs for many years, whilst others are just starting out.  Qualifications range from university graduates to industry courses and farm owners who have proven practices on their properties.

They share one thing in common — they want to make a difference!

To find out more about the community and how to join, visit the Coaching Community page or click the link below to book a free call with Rachelle.

FUNdaMentals Program

We provide a framework for developing your regenerative business that is both holistic and aligns with the laws of nature. 

  • The SRF FUNdaMENTALs program is an interactive and co-creative approach to transform how we connect, work and do business.
  • Following the 8 elemental stages, we take you on a journey that focuses on building quality relationships, understanding what is important to you and others, learning to ask the right questions, develop your offering, establish fair value exchange, articulate your vision and strategic program for you and your clients.
  • A FIRST for our industry, the SRF FUNdaMENTALs Program is delivered for members of the Coaching Community.

To find out more about the community and how to join, visit the Coaching Community page or click the link below to book a free call with Rachelle.

One on One Coaching

Coaching Community

One on one coaching brings the learning alive for members of the coaching community and is a continuous learning process as they are learning the craft of coaching through simultaneously being coached. 

General Coaching

Limited one on one coaching is available upon request, for those not in the community and will be negotiated according to needs.  Book a free call with Rachelle to see if there’s a fit.

Regenerative Farming Business Coaching

Talk to us about how you can drive your farm or agriculture business by getting laser focused about where you are at now, what you are trying to achieve, and what you need to do to get there.

Bring the craft of coaching to your organization, sales team, consultants. If you have a customer-based business and are wanting to make a bigger difference with supporting farmers to farm more regeneratively, we would love to talk to you about how our unique coaching practice can address real need for your customers and build genuine caring relationships.