Enhancing the plant-associated soil microbiome by Christine Jones PhD

Christine Jones, PhD A healthy agricultural system is one that supports all forms of life. All too often, many of the life forms in soil have been considered dispensable. Or more correctly, have not been considered at all. In parallel with research into the human gut microbiome, understanding and supporting the functioning of the […]

SRF Evolutionary Purpose

The Evolutionary Purpose of Soil Restoration Farming is to Heal the Planet through Agriculture. This purpose is bigger than we could accomplish by ourselves or in our lifetime. It is also evolutionary in its’ form, recognising that in striving towards this, we will continue to uncover the ways forward over time.   The Source Idea […]


The following outcomes were achieved from group work carried out by attendees at an SRF Farmer Support & Application Day in Dandaragan, WA on the 15th Feb 2023. Attendees had been involved in an education day with Dr Christine Jones on Healthy Farming Pathways using diversity in pastures and crops on the 14th Feb. This […]

Dr Jones talks Diversity in Dandaragan

  The Healthy Farming Pathway event with Dr Christine Jones drew a capacity crowd for the Dandaragan Bowling Club on the 14th of February.  Mostly known for Valentine’s Day, the recently gazetted National Regenerative Agriculture Day was far more about eliciting conversation around increasing above and below ground species diversity than exchanging Hallmark cards. The […]

So what is Soil Restoration Farming?

It is not a product; It is not a method of farming; and it is not a belief system. It represents a movement, a shared understanding that we CAN and MUST restore our soils to their original function through farming. This is not a NEW idea and it comes with sound science. It is backed […]