Coaching Community – 6 Months In



An Emergent Process: SRF Coaching Community – 6 months in😊

It’s truly exciting to be able to say we have 6-months under our belt in this emergent process of supporting the people who are passionate about helping farmers to farm more regeneratively.  
Building a community of support was always our intention.  What is evolving, is a coaching the coaches, peer to peer style learning environment, forming a rich layer over the diverse knowledge and experience each of the members bring with them.

When we started the community with the first brave coaches on the 1st September 2021, we discussed our goals and we soon came to realise that business support was also going to be important to guide and drive members towards well-defined goals and straight forward action plans.

Having a guest Thought Leader once a month, has been a deep exploration into the thinking and wisdom behind regenerative practices. We have had the privilege of a wide range of pioneers and critical thinkers, inspiring us through robust conversations .  So far we’ve had:

Martin Royds of Jillamatong,

Walter Jehne of Regenerate Earth,

Ellen Walker and Bonnie Dunlop of Earthwhile Australia,

Kim Deans of Reinventing Agriculture,

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, and

Grant Sims of Down Under Covers.

Don’t just take our word, have a read of these testimonials from a handful of our coaches that have just been put up on our website by clicking on this link:


Rachelle and Justin Armstrong

March 2022