Ellen Walker, Georgina Marsh, Bonnie Dunlop


EarthWhile Australia Pty Ltd

Western Australia


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Statement of Purpose:

To change things from the ground up for healthy food and happy humans.

Area of Work:

At EarthWhile Australia we are passionate providing information to assist our communities in developing and nurturing vibrant, healthy soils. Some of our services include soil microscopy training and regenerative agriculture coaching for small landholders.


Ellen Walker:

BSW (Hons) Grad Cert Regen Ag

Ellen has studied the soil food web and soil microscopy with Dr Elaine Ingham and Dr Mary Cole (pioneers in this field) and completed a Permaculture Design Certificate at Fair Harvest. Ellen is keen to share this information and teach practices that will assist in developing and nurturing healthy, nutrient rich soil. Ellen works with home gardeners, orchardists, growers and farmers to develop knowledge of healthy soils to affordably grow high quality food in sustainable ways that assist in regenerating our environment. It is no surprise that Ellen has been actively involved in supporting local community groups and organisations such as the Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance and the Byford Glades Community Garden. Ellen is a founding partner of EarthWhile Australia.

Bonnie Dunlop

Bonnie is a wife, and mother to two young girls. Having grown up on a farm and developing an appreciation for organic farming practices, she has always been motivated to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

After becoming a mother, her desire to provide her family with affordable but healthy and organic, nutrient dense food resulted in a return to growing her own produce. This naturally led to a desire to learn more about how healthy soil with diverse microbiology can positively impact and support the growth of such food.

Bonnie has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate at Fair Harvest and is currently completing her Bachelor of Accounting. Having completed a unit on Sustainability Accounting the unit highlighted that it is not only important for the world to move to sustainable practices, but that it is imperative.  Through her work with EarthWhile Australia, Bonnie hopes to support people to find practical ways to reduce their footprint such as buying local produce or starting a vegetable garden.  Bonnie is a founding partner of EarthWhile Australia.

Georgina Marsh

BEd. Grad Cert Sustainability

In Georgina’s role as an educator, she has worked with staff, parents and children to create improved sustainable practices within schools. Inspired by the interest and curiosity of children in exploring and making these improvements, Georgina continues to undertake learning in this realm. Exploring the benefits of gut health and the healing powers of food has led to a keen interest in soils as a foundational aspect of health. Georgina has studied the soil food web with Dr Elaine Ingham, microscopy with Dr Mary Cole and completed a Permaculture Design Certificate at Fair Harvest. Georgina is a founding partner of EarthWhile Australia.