Soil Restoration Farming: Healing the planet through agriculture

Soil Restoration Farming (SRF) is a Network of people based on a shared understanding that we can, and must, restore our soils, which we can do through connecting with each other and the land.

SRF is a community generator, a sharer of ideas, tools and techniques, and a gathering of people.

We celebrate people being their own kind of different and the knowledge that together we can achieve exponentially greater change than on our own.

How does SRF support farmers?

SRF supports educators, coaches, and consultants who work with farmers, graziers, or landowners who want to regenerate their land.

Our Coaches have backgrounds in Regenerative Agriculture Principles and Practices such as Holistic Farm Management, Keyline Farming, Natural Sequence Farming, Organics, Biodynamics, Permaculture, and more.

SRF Coaches understand that the transformative process must be led by the farmer, grazier, or landowner. SRF coaches bring connections, regenerative agricultural practices, and act as thought catalysts to help their clients find their own solutions.

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