Leah Worsnop

Founder, Coach

Transformation Ag

Based in Wheatbelt Western Australia and happy to support growers in the Midwest, Wheatbelt, Metro, Peel, Southwest & Great Southern.


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Statement of Purpose:

To partner with growers: empowering them to find practical, evidenced & scientific agri-solutions that: ✓ work with nature ✓ improve landscapes / ecosystems ✓ increase diversity ✓ increase resilience ✓ increase profit margins ✓ improve farmer & community welfare ✓ lower / mitigate risk

Area of Work:

Supporting growers to: ✓ better understand their soil & greater landscape, an how their production is part of that: ie whole ecosystem ✓ improve the healthy function of their whole eco-system ✓ develop their business & financial systems to be more farmer-centred, functional and successful ✓ workshop and mitigate risk


Leah started Transformation Ag as a pathway to serve and empower growers to farm more profitably and regeneratively.

From her first memories, Leah has been passionate about soil function & decomposition. She grew up in a farming family and her interest in land stewardship, animal husbandry and food production naturally blossomed out of this. Leah started her formal career in the business and financial sector, where her neuro-divergent-ability to hold and use large quantities of data helped her became proficient at analysing and problem solving complex business and financial problems in high pressure situations. She then followed her passion for ag and became a stock hand until she started a family.

Leah loved working on farms with producers, and has seen first hand the stress of tough seasons and disappearing profit margins, as well as the degradation of formerly productive country. Leah has become passionate about supporting producers to solve these problems, in an innovative, customised way for each producer and property.

Over the years, Leah has explored many areas of practical & theoretical agricultural and ecological study – as well as many experiments on water management, decomposition, soil health, animal & plant health & production improvement on a variety of soil profiles and eco-systems. After working in a family business, she has now branched out on her own, and is proud to serve the Farming Community under the banner of Transformation Ag.