Marcia Smith

Wellbeing Farming Coach

Whorl Ag (Wild holistic organic reciprocal living)

Southern Queensland


Statement of Purpose:

To encourage people to discover their Wild Holistic Organic Reciprocal Living Field Culture by exploring the possibilities of the natural ecosystem and the relationships between soil and soul.

Area of Work:

Agronomy, Wellbeing and Farmer Coaching


Marcia Smith created Whorl Ag, a natural farming systems based coaching business focused on helping people discover their field culture, after recognising the deterioration of our agricultural & food industries over the time she has lived & worked within it.

Being raised a ‘bush kid’ in western Queensland, Marcia has always worked in rural areas, from drover to Maitre d, and then eventually on to study a bachelor degree in applied science majoring in agronomy.  She then spent time managing ag-reseller businesses while providing agronomic advice to farmers.  This was based on conventional industrial type farming, both grazing and broadacre.  It never felt ‘right’, which led to exploring regenerative and natural ways of farming that is now an on-going journey of discovery, learning & knowledge sharing.  NSF (Natural Sequence Farming) and Natures’ Equity – Grazing Naturally are just two of many areas of study that have been undertaken.

Marcia now offers farmers the opportunity to be coached, individually or in small local groups, along their path to a healthy thriving farm and farmer.  Well-being of people, our farms and the environment is at the core of what Marcia does.  She has a passion for encouraging people to step into the “what might be possible” realm of farming with nature.  This is done by focusing on what they want to achieve, not on what is not wanted.  Little steps are taken to result in giant leaps being tackled while sustaining or improving productivity and financial success.