Martin Williams

Seed Grader, Farmer, Regenerative Farming Coach

Nyngan Seed Graders

Nyngan, Central NSW


Statement of Purpose:

Big Picture, Principles in Context, Holistic, Joining the Dots, Farming Naturally, Working with Nature, Helping Farmers understand the importance of Diversity. Helping them ‘get it’ in their head so they can practice it in their paddock.

Area of Work:

1/ Mixed species seed grading. 2/ Supplying and sourcing seed. 3/ Encouraging ‘big picture’ farmer thinking.


I’ve wanted to be a farmer all my life.

I thoroughly enjoy working with farmers to regenerate existing farming systems; grading multi species and coaching farmers on all aspects of their regenerative journey.

I was born on a farm and grew up in Esperance, WA where I helped my family farm a 1500 acre mixed farm. We then moved to the Northern Territory to share-farm on Labelle Station (60,000 Ha) producing hay, grain and pasture seed.

In 2000 I attended the RCS Bio-Business Farming School at Kununurra WA. The keynote speaker was Arden Anderson. He opened the door to Biological Farming and my quest for knowledge in this area has never ceased since then.

I moved to Katherine with my wife and continued farming. Whilst living in Katherine we took the Holistic Management and Grazing for Profit courses.

In 2012 we moved to Nyngan and bought a seed grading business with the intention of being more centralised to gain further knowledge in the regenerative space. I soon realised the importance of using a multi species mix in both cropping and pasture scenarios.

It has been the farmers who I grade the seed for who have helped me tailor the grading machine to handle multi species specifically for Regenerative Farming.