Walter Jehne 2016 SRF Tour Resources

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Walter Jehne 2016 SRF Tour Resources

Ian Anderson 2016 SRF Tour Resources


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2016 Soil Restoration Talk_Build It and They Will Come

Improve Soil Health with Mob Grazing

Mob Grazing

Check out this great article from Acres USA on how you can improve your soil health through mob grazing. Without sowing any pastures they are establishing over 40 types of native plants. Creative fencing, good record keeping and regularly meeting with like-minded farmers is all part of the success.

Sentinels of the Soil, Power of Earthworms – Acres June 2015

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The power of the mighty earthworm! A must read on what tricky treats these worms can do in our soil! Just to name a few – Creating channels for water to infiltrate and gases such as oxygen, carbon and nitrogen to move through the soil. Lining our soil with calcium and nutrients, pumping out carbon, humic and fulvic acids to increase solubility of minerals we apply to the soil and balancing our PH.

Love the work of Christine Jones? Check out these great papers that give insight into the principles of biological farming. We all have different methods of farming, different preferences, machines, climate etc, but if we can grasp the basic principles and incorporate them into our farming practices, we have a recipe for restoring our soils.


JONES ‘Nitrogen the double-edged sword’

Acres USA interview with C JONES – Mar 2015

JONES – New Frontiers in Ag (Sept13)