Soil Health Masterclass – Dowerin, WA

Places are limited so get in quick!

Where: Venue – Dowerin Community Club
Lot 35 East Street, Dowerin, WA 6461

When: Wed 21st & Thu 22nd September 2016
Registration 9.50am – 10.30am start
Wednesday – 10.30am to 5.00pm
Thursday – 9.00am to 4.30pm

Who: Speakers – Nicole Masters & Di Haggerty

  • Explore the vital synergy between microbes and minerals and plant health
  • Expand your understanding around basic soil testing terms
  • Enhancing water, carbon and nutrient cycles
  • Using livestock to lift microbial function on the land
  • Keys to overcoming many issues; pH, aluminium and water repellent soil issues
  • Soil detective tools; is your farm moving forward or backwards?

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Speakers – Kojonup, 24 March 2015

Nicole Masters

Nicole Masters

New Zealand

MastersNicole from Integrity Soils, is an agro-ecologist with over 17 years’ extensive practical and theoretical experience in regenerative / biological farming practices.

Recognised as a dynamic and grounded educator, Nicole brings cutting edge sound science to a topic that has relevance to anyone interested in improving the efficiency of inputs whilst improving profitability and resilience. “You can have your cake and eat it too!”

Since 2003 she has taught these practices throughout Australasia and North America; helping to inspire and guide farmers into new and innovative ways to produce food.

Nicole has a proven record in supporting farmers in meeting their goals through an holistic approach to soil and pasture management.

You may have seen her articles in Straight Furrow, Dairy Exporter or international rural publications.

Feedback from other workshops:

"This presentation has completely changed my future thinking of my farm fertiliser requirements."

“Nicole is a dynamic presenter – helped by audience participation made us think and realise that we have much to learn yet.”

“Nicole Masters from Integrity Soils is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker with a skill that brings soil to life and gets participants excited and enthralled about what lives under their feet! Nicole’s presentations are a perfect balance of science and on the ground real life experience.

Di Haggerty

Di Haggerty

Wyalkatchem, WA

Di Haggerty farms with her husband Ian and eldest son James in the central wheatbelt of WA. They currently manage over 10,000 hectares on six properties from Mollerin to the north, Yelbeni to the east and Watercarrin to the south.

The Haggerty’s have operated a 50:50 cropping and livestock programme with cereal grains and self-replacing stud and commercial merinos since 1994. They share a commitment to the regeneration of the low-fertility, marginal soils found across their properties through the use of biological fertilisers and zero tillage combined with the maintenance of healthy groundcover to improve soil structure and water-holding capacity and assist with weed control. This approach has resulted in significant increases in soil carbon and organic nitrogen, reducing the need for inputs.

“We practice biological farming methods, utilising soil friendly fertilisers to support and encourage biodiversity in soil life, resulting in excellent feed quality for our livestock. We believe that building soil health = plant health = animal health, and ultimately human health, in the way nature intended”.

“Di, with her husband Ian, are cutting-edge farmers, leading the way for other farmers by demonstrating that the principals of biological farming can and must be central to the future thinking of farming world-wide. On a broad scale, in low-rainfall wheatbelt of WA, they are growing nutrient integrity grain with low inputs and improving soil health, while keeping up with production. Di has presented at many forums in WA and eastern states of Australia to support farmers to recognise the need to get back to understanding plant function and soil health.”