Ray Generate 2024

Regenerating your land and mindscape

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with Ray Archuleta

Darren Doherty

Garry Page

Jake Chandler

+ SRF Members


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Tue 5 Mar 2024
Wed 6 Mar 2024


Thur 7 Mar 2024
Fri 8 Mar 2024


4+ Speakers


Phoenix Park Ballan Vic
(80km from Melb)

Unlock the secrets of biomimicry to decrease inputs and increase profitability

From traditional to transformational, this event is all about shedding outdated norms, and learning how to work with nature.

Join us for two days of soil-geekery, as we dig deep into what it takes to rejuvenate our land, livelihood, and our outlook for agriculture. 

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Soil health got you stumped?

You know the land is alive beneath your feet, but mastering its complex, elegant web feels like a daunting task. Balancing the soil’s needs with the reality of costly inputs is your everyday challenge. It’s a tightrope walk between nurturing the earth and sustaining your livelihood. But, are we looking at it the wrong way, fighting against nature, rather than working with her?

Feeling the economic squeeze?

As a steward of the land, you’re caught between your love for farming and the hard economics of the agriculture industry. Striving to keep costs down while committing to restorative practices, you aim to pass on a thriving, profitable farm to the next generation – but will the next generation even want to take on the burden if things stay as they are?

Beginning to question if traditional is best?

Are you noticing that the old way of doing things isn’t actually very effective? You’re not wrong, and you’re not alone. Perhaps it’s time for a complete mindset shift – one where you take the lead from nature’s wisdom to transform not just your farm, but your entire approach to agriculture.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– R. Buckminster Fuller –

Discover the power of regeneration at
Ray Generate 2024

Your solution to soil health, economic stability, and future-proofing your farm.

Designed with the challenges of modern farmers like you in mind, the Ray Generate event is more than just an educational event; it’s a catalyst igniting a transformation in how we view and interact with the enigma we tread upon daily – our precious soil. 

Navigate the complex world of soil health led by none other than soil sensation, Ray Archuleta. Learn about biomimicry, and how emulating nature’s principles and patterns will not only increase your bottom line, but will also pave the way to healing our planet for future generations.

Join us at Ray Generate 2024, as together we spearhead the future of agriculture by regenerating our soil, responses to economic pressures, and mindset. This is where change begins, will you be a part of it?

Unearth the perks

There are millions of methods, but a man who understands principles can choose his method. Once you understand those principles and apply them, they’ll change your life. Without changing your mindset, nothing changes on the farm and ranch.






You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

– Albert Einstein –

Four jam-packed days of connecting with ourselves, each other, and the land

DAY 1 - 2: Conference (5 - 6 March, 2024)

  • Presentations from the renowned Ray Archuleta, Darren Doherty, Garry Page, Jake Chandler, and other Soil Restoration Farming community members
  • Practical, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Round table discussions
  • Q and A sessions
  • Networking dinners
  • Campfire conversations
  • Registration opens Tuesday 5th from 8am. Closes 5pm; Wednesday 9am-5pm


Ray Archuleta

Farming with Nature - Biomimicry

Garry Page

Connecting the Dots on Farm

Darren Doherty

The Economics of Landscape Functionality

Jake Chandler

Living Our Best Life

Plus facilitation from SRF Coaching Community members

The SRF coaching community is made up of regenerative farming coaches – all experts in their chosen farming fields, and all on a mission to share their knowledge. Some of them will be helping host Ray Generate 2024, and if we’re lucky, a couple of them may just share some nuggets of gold with us…

Rachelle Armstrong

Gillian Stewart

Sarah Fea

Tamzin Revell

Melissa Carlon

Kym Wilson

Event Program

Tuesday 5th March (9am – 5pm)

From Tradition to Transformation: Revolutionizing Agriculture | Ray Archuleta

Exploring the Economies of Farming in Natural Symbiosis | Darren Doherty

Biomimicry in Agriculture as a Way Forward | Ray Archuleta

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Resilience: A Farmer’s Experience | Garry Page

Burning Topics – Opportunities you as Farmers seek!

Panel Q&A | Ray Archuleta, Darren Doherty, Garry Page

Festive Dinner

Wednesday 6th March (9am – 5pm)

Mindscape for your Landscape | Rachelle Armstrong

Landscape Regeneration: The Heart of a Healthy Life| Hamish Hunt

Monitoring Your Regenerative Progress | Ray Archuleta

Context and Data | Sarah Fea & Ray Archuleta

Living your Best Life | Jake Chandler

Opening Pandora’s Box on Livestock Mineral Nutrition | Melissa Carlon & Ray Archuleta

Where to from here? | Ray Archuleta & Facilitation

Note: program subject to change

DAY 3 - 4: Masterclass (7 - 8 March, 2024)

Dive into the secrets of soil health at our Masterclass, led by our expert, Ray Archuleta.

Just as a doctor deciphers health indicators, Ray will reveal the subtle signs in the soil using the innovative Haney Test, a soil analysis method sweeping the US.

Learn to navigate this complex, elegant world beneath your feet, identify key indicators of soil health, and make smarter, cost-effective choices.

Get ready to turn a humble shovel into your tool for precise insights, clever design, and building better aggregate structure.

Welcome to smarter farming.

Event Details


Tue 5 Mar 2024
Wed 6 Mar 2024


Thur 7 Mar 2024
Fri 8 Mar 2024


4+ Speakers


Phoenix Park Ballan Vic
(80km from Melb)

Who is the Ray Generate event for?

This event is for anyone who shares an interest in the transformative world of regenerative agriculture. Whether you’re a steward of the land, someone eager to delve into the intricacies of regenerative farming practices, or simply curious about how regenerative methods can renew our earth, we warmly welcome you.

Our community is a tapestry of diverse experiences and knowledge levels. Here, you’ll find a space to learn, share, and grow. It’s about coming together to exchange ideas, experiences, and insights on how to nurture and heal our land.






Who is Ray Archuleta?

Introducing Ray “The Soil Guy” Archuleta, a passionate conservation agronomist and soil health trailblazer. With his effervescent enthusiasm for soil regeneration, Ray’s transforming the way the world grows its food, one paddock at a time.

Dedicating over three decades of his career to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Certified by the Soil Science Society of America, Ray’s a soil superhero, making the seemingly complex science behind soil health simple, engaging, and approachable for everyone – from the hobby farmer to the savvy agronomist.

Ray’s not just preaching from the pulpit; he’s out there in the field too (literally)! Alongside his devoted family, he’s stewarding 150 acres near Seymour, Missouri. Here, they epitomise the principles Ray has passionately shared during his lifelong career.

But folks, there’s more to the man fondly referred to as “The Soil Guy”…fueled by an unwavering commitment to soil health, Ray co-founded Understanding Ag, LLC, a soil health consulting company. Not content to stop there, he went on to lay the foundation for Soil Health Academy, the premiere educational platform for regenerative agricultural practices.

Breaking new ground also means breaking onto the screen – you might recognize Ray from the documentary ‘Kiss The Ground’, where he shared his wealth of knowledge and deep passion for the life beneath our feet.

Meet Ray at Ray Generate 2024 and experience the deep wisdom, and revolutionary insights of this leader in the worldwide soil health revolution.

If you dig a little, you'll learn a lot…

– Ray Archuleta –

Your host – Soil Restoration Farming (SRF)

As passionate advocates for our planet and people, Soil Restoration Farming is honoured to be hosting Ray Generate 2024. 

We’re on a mission to heal our land through agriculture, and we know from experience that this needs to happen from the ground up (literally). We know that if we learn nature’s principles and lean into them, everyone wins.

But we also know that learning is facilitated by conversation, and change requires the power of unity and collaboration. Which is why Ray Generate 2024 will be a pivotal moment for everyone who attends.

Soil Restoration Farming is a membership community with a network of awesome humans who care deeply about the planet and dedicate their lives to supporting farmers to farm more regeneratively through various avenues.

Will you join the conversation?

Let’s learn together, and grow together.



Ray Generate 2024 event partners

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Ray Generate 2024 event collaborators

Hosted in Phoenix Park, Ballan Victoria

It wouldn’t be a ‘proper’ farming conference unless we hosted it on a farm, right? Enter Phoenix Park, the perfect venue for Ray Generate 2024!

Think 65 acres of fresh air combined with a relaxed atmosphere, inspiring profound discussions, networking, and learning. We think it’ll be perfect, and hope you will too.

Wondering where to stay? Look no further; Phoenix Park boasts campsites, glamping, dorms, and four eco houses. Easy, right? 

Ohhh, and if you’re worried about food, no need…morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner are all included in your ticket cost (conference and masterclass). Got specific dietary requirements? We’ll look after you.

All you have to do is turn up with an open mind – we’ll do the rest.

Festive Food Dinner & Common Ground Film- Tuesday 5th March

Enjoy regeneratively grown food with friends and expand your network of like-minded people who share your passion for holistic farming, and the health-giving food it creates. 

NEWS BREAK! We are showing an advanced screening of Common Ground starring Ray Archuleta  plus many other big names including some Hollywood A-listers like Jason Mamoa!

The Festive Food Dinner & film is included in the cost of your Ray Generate 2024 tickets, but you may want extra tickets for loved ones to join the dinner only.
Dinner & film tickets are just $55. Use this link to purchase:


Yes, powerpoint presentations and all conference materials will be emailed within 2-weeks after the conference and posted on the SRF website.

Yes and dietary requirements will be catered for.

Contact Phoenix Park directly for accommodation options onsite and/or nearby suggestions according to need.  1300 116 503

Cancellation 4-weeks prior to event may be refunded 90% of registration fee. Cancellation 2-weeks prior to event may be refunded 50% of registration fee. Cancellation within 7-days of event may be refunded 25% of registration fee. No refund is available for no shows.

Contact SRF  Rachelle Armstrong to apply for a refund within specified dates above.

Transferring tickets to others is totally fine. Please inform SRF Rachelle Armstrong with new person’s details 48hrs before the event for printing name tags etc.

Your investment

Bringing a friend along?

Save 25% when you buy two or more tickets to the conference. RSVP Thu 29th FEB

Two Day Conference - Live Streamed

$ 95
  • Live streamed - so you can watch from the comfort of your home, wherever you're located
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Two days, four + speakers

Two Day Conference Only

RSVP Thu 29th FEB
$ 795
  • 25% discount if you
    buy two or more tickets
  • Two days, four + speakers
  • Practical, hands on learning
  • MT/AT Lunch & Dinner Tue
  • Festive Food Dinner

Two Day Masterclass

$ 995
  • Two days, four + speakers
  • Intimate and immersive class size
  • MT/AT Lunch & Dinner Thu
  • Learn about the Haney Test and how you can use it to improve your soil

Conference and Masterclass Package

$ 1,450
  • Two-day Conference
  • Two-day Masterclass
  • In the field with Ray experience
  • MT/AT Lunch & Dinner Tue/Thu

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