Tamzin Revell

Creator of Regenerative Business Directory, Regenerative Business Coach

Farming Revolution

Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld.


Statement of Purpose:

To create a sustainable and ethical way of conducting business that uses a whole systems approach where business owners learn to recognise the importance of regeneration.

Area of Work:

Promoting and endorsing regenerative businesses by capturing them on film and producing quality videos. Coaching business owners with a regenerative set of principles.


Tamzin is the founder of Farming Revolution. This is a platform for people to learn about regenerative farming and also to find Regenerative Businesses.

It includes a website,

Regenerative Business Directory (link to be advised)

And many videos on the Farming Revolution YouTube channel

At 39yo Tamzin suffered a thyroid, autoimmune disease (Graves disease) that was caused by the ‘healthy’ food she ate. Having extensively researched our food system Tamzin realised that we seriously need to rethink and adopt a regenerative approach to living our lives. Sustainable is no longer enough and her passion for regenerative farming shines through any conversation she has.

“Everything is connected, that is the lore of nature, unfortunately society has distanced itself at its own peril. Now we are witnessing massive degeneration of our soil that is seriously affecting our own health and that of our animals and environment. There is only one way to turn things around, regeneration on a global scale.”

Tamzin is currently regenerating 11 acres on the Gold Coast Hinterland having owned and managed a riding school for over a decade. This country is very degraded and by documenting the regenerative process she wants to encourage more people to think about regeneration and apply the techniques to their own circumstances. Her experimental processes are being filmed and she hopes that these videos will bring people closer together. Everything she does always takes into consideration the regenerative principles and loves discussing how to improve other people’s businesses using the same approach.

“I have taught children how to ride for over 16 years and have recently acknowledged that I was naturally taking into account the regenerative coaching strategies. It is increasingly more difficult to be successful when using the Linear way of thinking and I believe our health is declining because we continue to use this Linear mindset. Regeneration is about connecting ourselves with Mother Nature by taking into account the whole systems approach. Let’s focus on circular economies and closed-loop systems to improve our lives. Health and prosperity is about generating wealth holistically…. time, friends and family, money and environment. It really is that simple.”