Being a part of the coaching community has really boosted my confidence and shown me I do have value to add to farmers transitioning into a more regenerative form of farming. 

I feel so much more confident stepping out on my own knowing I have a team behind me that I can call on if I am in need of some ideas, information or knowledge to help the producers I am working with.  As we know, there is a million and 1 ideas to tackle the implementation of soil principles and sometimes you need other minds to bounce ideas off.

The expertise and knowledge Rachelle has within her and her broad network in the field means we are learning from the best and getting a whole new look at how businesses and value can be brought to the community.

Basically, if it wasn’t for the community I would still be sitting wondering if I can do this coaching/consulting thing or not and do I have enough value to offer for people to engage with me.  I am now having a crack and know I have path I can follow.

There is a real need for the community so as to develop exceptional coaches for the producers to work with and thought leaders to know they have a great “field team” they can point producers to when they are approached for help.  

The Coaching Community has given me confidence to move forward, practical tools to apply in coaching and facilitation work.

My favourite part about being in the community, is the opportunity to mix with likeminded people offering support and encouragement.

Did I value the coaching session? YES.

You have a knack for ‘seeing’ where I get stuck and then you know what questions to ask me so that I figure out which direction to take & how to move on toward my goals.

This is done in a manner that is growth focused rather than making me feel as though I need to justify or defend what I want to achieve or what my values are.

Would I use you as a coach in the future? YES.

Rachelle is an inspiring and supportive coach. She has invaluable advice on how to channel my passion into concrete steps to take towards my goals.

We recently had the pleasure of participating in a coaching session facilitated by Rachelle from Soil Restoration Farming.

Rachelle’s warm and friendly nature immediately put our mind at ease, allowing us to feel comfortable and safe enough to share all of our business concerns without any fear of judgement.

Rachelle showed empathy for all our concerns and asked insightful questions that led to self-realisations not previously considered.

She identified opportunities amongst our perceived challenges and pointed out previous wins that resulted in an immediate boost of confidence.

Relevant and practical “where to from here” steps were then discussed, and at the end we received a clear and succinct summary of the session, outlining key takeaways and the “next step” actions we had discussed.

We would be so pleased to recommend Rachelle as a business coach to anyone looking.

I think this type of business with support and what you are offering is the way forward for our future.

Especially if you are channeling your energy down into the regenerative side of things.

Whether it’s your business, your health, family, farm, office – we have to get off this mechanical type of thinking and we have to start collaborating for the greater good.

Also we have to be mindful that we need to earn a living.

We have to protect our health which is No1.

With Soil Restoration Farming, it’s a brilliant way to help people where they are lacking and dealing with that in an environment that is safe.

I attended the Soil Restoration Farming day at Dongara on the 19th March. The day was/is probably one of the most significant revelation/light bulb times of my life. We dont get many of these in our lives so they are extremely important to capture – so we can go forward in life with less sideways or backward steps causing delays/slowing of vital progress.

I came away from the Dongara work shop with a completely changed idea of how I wanted to farm for the future. Cheers!

“Thank you to everyone involved for an informative and motivating day. Dr Christine Jones’ knowledge base and life’s work gives farmers hope for a sustainable future; moving back to work with mother nature, reducing chemicals, artificial fertilizers, increasing the profit margin and most importantly producing a nutrient rich product from a living healthy soil. It was refreshing to meet so many farmers motivated and thinking outside the square, determined to work for a sustainable future in agriculture.”

“I would like to thank you for the involvement Southern DIRT was able to have at your recent Cropping & Mixed Farming Forum in Kojonup. It was a fantastic turn-out and the feedback we have received following the event has been fantastic.”

It would be almost impossible for me to capture the incredible depth and breadth of wisdom shared during the Soil Restoration Forum in Kojonup on Tuesday 24th March. Katanning Landcare was fortunate, through funding from the Caring for our Country initiative of the Federal Government, to subsidize the entry fee for 10 farmers from the Katanning area to attend a full day workshop on soil health.