Coaching Community

Are YOU a Coach/Consultant in Regenerative Agriculture who wants to make a bigger difference?

Join Our SRF Coaching Community.

In coaching and consulting, you can follow old ways of doing things like selling time, labour and knowledge, known as dollars for hours. You are a worker bee, when instead you need to be a strategist. 

Our Coaching Community has coaches and consultants with a range of expertise and experience. Some have been working with farmers on regenerative agriculture for many years, whilst others are just starting. They share one thing in common— they want to make a difference.

What if you could CO-CREATE with farmers to farm more regeneratively?

You can!

We have put together our SRF FUNdaMENTALs Program. 

  • The SRF FUNdaMENTALs program is an interactive and co-creative approach to transform how we connect, work and do business.
  • Following the 8 elemental stages, we take you on a journey that focuses on building quality relationships, understanding what is important to you and others, learning to ask the right questions, develop your offering, establish fair value exchange, articulate your vision and strategic program for you and your clients.
  • A FIRST for our industry, the SRF FUNdaMENTALs Program is delivered for members of the Coaching Community.

We have also developed our Coaching Community for coaches and consultants. Many coaches and consultants in regenerative agriculture are proudly independent, but often work alone. They want a community to collaborate and talk with, to get support from, and to create a stronger voice. Coaches and consultants have decades of experience and know way more than they give themselves credit for. It makes sense to work together, build collective intelligence and enhance the regenerative movement to be more successful in businesses and to expand influence.

We offer you a package which includes:

  • Our SRF FUNdaMENTALs Program.
  • Our SRF Coaching Community
  • Group coaching call. You may want to discuss your coaching, or consulting practice, share technical challenges and solutions or examine who you are, and the ways you impede yourselves.
  • There will be Spotlight opportunities. You can present a challenge and receive multiple perspectives and feedback.
  • Every 4th week we will have a world-leading guest educator to discuss what the community needs assistance with.
  • There is a “Mighty Networks” online platform for members of the community to talk to each other, post interesting content, store community recordings, ask and answer each others’ questions (and no, it’s not Facebook).
  • SRF 1:1 coaching sessions, monthly

If you are interested to find out more let’s chat!

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