Karen Jarling

Regenerative Farming Coach

Clean Green Farmer Coaching

Gympie, Sth Queensland


Statement of Purpose:

I want to see farmers and landholders excited to head out the door every day because they’ve unlocked the potential in their landscape and they no longer live the rollercoaster of ‘feast or famine’ due to weather extremes.

Area of Work:

Regenerative Farming Coaching


Karen Jarling, of Clean Green Farmer Coaching, has been obsessed with soil health and regenerative farming methods for over 25 years and is a self-confessed addict when it comes to continued learning and collaborating around anything regenerative or soil related.

Karen’s lived experience fuels her passion, and she is adamant about spreading the word and helping other farmers and landholders to understand that diversity and functioning landscapes are key to productivity. She believes that farmers are so used to ‘struggle street’, that they have no idea what ‘easy street’ is and that glimpses of sweet spots are just the beginning of what is possible for extended periods of time.

Karen invites us to be brave, do something different and step away from what we might have done for years with the best of intentions. She assures us that mother nature does not cap things, and unleashing the landscape’s potential is ours, if we choose it. She profoundly understands that every farmer or landholder’s experience is different, dictated by the land, the weather and the wide variety of desired outcomes, which is why farmer to farmer coaching is so unique.

Karen’s farmer to farmer coaching practice is designed to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. By listening deeply, sharing stories and conversations, and uncovering what might be stopping you. Karen’s coaching supports and empowers you to create change, your way. It is a safe place to start learning and have fun, with the promise that within just a couple of growing seasons you will see massive improvements, faster than you could ever imagine.

Whether you are action-ready, and know what you want to do, or are uncertain and need a hand to hold, Karen’s approach will work with where you and your land are at. She believes that there is truth in everything and once you see it, you can no longer unsee it.

Karen is a lifelong learner and still revels in attending workshops and field days with those at the cutting edge of science and practice. Her vision is long-term, with the hope that 100 years from now our landscapes will be even more beautiful and importantly, bountiful. With over 25 years of on-farm practice, Karen Jarling’s farmer to farmer coaching will help you find your unique way forward to a landscape of plenty.