Kathryn Hubble


Perth, Western Australia


0437 808 872

Statement of Purpose:

Helping people to see the world around them with new eyes; the beauty and connectedness and intelligence in the living systems we co-evolved with, to open their hearts and fall in love with nature. To understand it is part of us. Together we will transform the world.

Area of Work:

Permaculture and biological farming consultant and coach, natural systems educator.


Kathy’s passion for the living world has never faltered, guiding all her work and life choices. Years of customer service in retail nurseries, garden consultation and landscape design along with experiences in revegetation and tree production, have led her back to her Permaculture and organic growing roots. Now the field is more exciting than ever, with new discoveries in biology and health constantly reminding us how little we know, and how important it is to start thinking holistically. Kathy is a natural educator and is happiest when learning, writing, or talking with individuals and groups about the wonder of nature. She is delighted to be a part of the SRF coaching community, empowering people to make positive change that enhances life on planet Earth as we reimagine a more beautiful world together, a biotafull world.

Kathryn Hubble grew up in Western Australia, living on the coast but frequently venturing inland on camping trips with family and friends. Many school holidays were happily spent on farms, these various experiences connected her from a young age into the living landscape. The diverse living world was an endless source of fascination. Engaging with the natural world around her, she learnt to seek out diversity and to follow the rhythms of the seasons, honing her observation skills. Artistic from a young age, after finishing high school she studied art for a few years. She was soon led astray, falling back into the arms of nature and away from the poisonous allure of brightly coloured textile dyes. An artist still, today her favourite media is natural materials which she collages with paint, usually in landscape themes, and flowers. In the late 1980’s, she joined Men of the Trees (now Trillion Trees) in response to the increased environmental destruction she perceived, and first encountered Permaculture when Bill Mollison talked at their nursery in Hazelmere.

“When I look through my microscope at soil microbes, or the incredible eyes of a slater that look like polished Tourmaline sculptures, or the perfect jewel-like body of a pupating wasp hiding under the husk of the scale insect it consumed, I fall in love over and over. I witness the kaleidoscope of colours inside a tiny adult two-spotted mite, watching in awe as phenomenal numbers of different coloured bacteria self-organise in the squashed body fluids, and feel compassion for the life that I have crushed with my curiosity. To see these things is to bear witness to the beauty and connectedness in all living things and to take joyful responsibility for our own actions in caring for it, to see ourselves there within.”