Rachelle Armstrong

Regenerative Farming Business Coach, Coaching Community Facilitator

Soil Restoration Farming P/L

Baranduda, North-East Victoria


Statement of Purpose:

I am driven by people being their own kind of different, which is what is needed to grow the regenerative agriculture movement, building new models that make the existing degenerative models obsolete.

Area of Work:

Growing and facilitating the SRF Coaching Community. Individual coaching for members of the coaching/consulting community, and regenerative farming businesses who are ready to do business differently.


Rachelle grew up on a dairy/beef property in Yackandandah, Victoria. In 2005, she partnered with her parents to commercialise and develop the NutriSoil business based on a vermiculture product developed by her father, Graham Maddock. Joined by her husband, Justin, they developed the team and business into a significant concern. Under their leadership, NutriSoil became a multi-award winning and B-Corp certified business (businesses that Benefit the world). They used education and networking to build the biological and regenerative agriculture movement, along with raising the profile of the NutriSoil worm juice to become a household name in the industry.

Rachelle and Justin decided to leave the NutriSoil business in 2020 to pursue the next dream of building a community of support for independent coaches and consultants who work with farmers on the journey of farming more regeneratively. Working closely with experienced coaches Rod Fraser and Ellyn Martin of Business Growth Strategies, they have developed a Coach the Coach program and strategy with the potential to disrupt the traditional consulting and advising services currently mainstream in agriculture.

Background: From the beginning, Rachelle’s care for human and planetary health led her to achieving a Bachelor Degree in Health Science, majoring in Public Health. Her gift of bringing people together, naturally found her in Community Development roles, living and working in Sri Lanka for 3yrs and in Nannup, Western Australia, where she worked for local government as a Youth & Community Development Officer for 3 years.

Continuously open to and in search of better ways, Rachelle joined the Syntropic World community in 2020, where she has undertaken significant learning in creating new models for doing business that leaves everything better and has also enabled her to become a Syntropic Coach. In short, this means observing and applying the laws of nature to the way we behave and do business.

Rachelle’s top values are Community, Health and Holism, that are foundational in all she strives to achieve.